Teralytic Raises $2.25m to Bring Predictive Analytics to Farming and Improve Soil Health

Teralytic has raised $2.25 million in a Seed Round to bring its soil sensors and machine learning analytics technology  to farmers. Teralytic’s solution helps farmers produce more food with fewer resources by improving their field’s soil health. 01 Ventures led the Seed investment in Teralytic.

Teralytic’s sensors constantly gather data about soil quality, such as its temperature, moisture, pH and fertility levels, as well as in-field micro-climate data. Each sensor accurately measures more than 20 different data points, giving farmers real-time visibility into the condition of their soils. Combined with machine learning and predictive analytics, the software platform helps farmers understand where problems may appear in their soils, enabling them to take proactive steps to prevent them from happening. Farmers, governments and land banks all use the soil quality data to quantity soil fertility and improve the value of their crops and land as well as cut input costs by, in an effort to prevent over fertilization, reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Soil testing today is a manual, time-intensive process that takes days or weeks to collect, diagnose and respond to conditions in the soil. With Teralytic’s sensors distributed around a farm constantly checking and reporting on the conditions of its soil quality 24/7, 365 days a year, it’s no longer necessary to send people walking across fields and wait for testing results. By collecting and analyzing data in real-time, farms are less likely to over- or under-fertilize or mishandle watering programs throughout the growing season.

Combining the real-time sensor data with machine learning and predictive analytics allows farmers to make quicker decisions about what needs modifications in the field before it’s too late, reducing irrigation where sensors can tell that conditions are moist enough, for example, or applying a soil amendment mid-season to correct for deficiencies. Drone and camera-based technologies often catch problems in the field once visible on the plant, but at Teralytic, we try to catch these problems before they happen by diagnosing the soils.

For more information or to trial this on your farm, visit teralytic.com or email Steve Ridder, Founder and CEO at steve@teralytic.com.