Teralytic Pilot Information

If you are a farmer or grower interested in improving soil health and crop yields by piloting our technology, or just want to join on our mailing list to learn more and get tips and tricks on managing soils, fill out your information below and we will be in touch.   Pilots start in the Spring of 2017 and we are excited to work with you.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Teralytic's Cloud Platform leverages Machine Learning and AI to detect patterns, make predictions, and provide farmers and agronomists with new insights and recommendations.  Monitor your or your client's crops 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of farming.

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Wireless Soil Sensors

Our proprietary wireless soil sensors continuously monitor soil conditions and micro-climate data, giving growers real time soil conditions

Teralytics™ Cloud Platform

Teralytic Cloud Platform analyzes sensor data in real time to monitor fields 24/7 using the latest networking technologies.  Access from the web, mobile or desktop to stay on top of critical crop conditions. Intelligent recommendations only alert you when your attention is needed.

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