About Teralytic

About Teralytic

We are a team of soil scientists, technologists, and chemists with a common goal: help farmers save money while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Here, we work hard to make it easy for farmers. Teralytic's platform streamlines the path from soil research to actionable insight. With our data-driven precision agriculture solution, users save on fertilizer cost—and leave the land better off than when they found it. We built the world's most comprehensive soil probe and are collecting previously inaccessible types and quantities of data to help make this easier than ever.

Steve Ridder,
Founder & CEO

Steve Ridder is the Founder and CEO of Teralytic. A 20-year veteran of the technology industry, he spent nearly 15 years at Cisco building, incubating, and launching emerging technologies and internal startups. Steve has an undergraduate degree with a concentration in Social Sciences/Economics from Harvard University.

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