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Teralytic allows farmers to make better decisions regarding their profitability and carbon emissions. Gain a deeper understanding of your soil health with precise data analysis, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices for a thriving future.

Single Soil Probe


A single probe and a 3-year subscription to the Teralytic software. It’s easy-to-install and intended to remain in the fields all season long. Three sensor cartridges are located at 6, 12, and 18 inches so growers get a stratified, real-time view of soils.



5 Probe Starter Kit


10 Probe Starter Kit


Bundle includes 10 Probes, a 3-year subscription to the Teralytic Dashboard and an installation kit. The probe communicates to the cloud via cellular connections, and user data can be accessed on Teralytic’s dashboard. 

On-Site Assistance


On a per-day basis, we provide on-site installation, support, and maintenance. We will send a Field Technician member out from our team in 3-5 business days straight to your field.


Auger Kit


To ensure proper soil-to-sensor contact, we custom-made an Auger Kit for Teralytic soil probe users. This includes a Dutch-style auger and rubber handles, designed by AMS and made in America. Once you’ve determined your probe placement, installing each probe will take just a few steps, outlined in the Teralytic Installation Manual.


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